ROW Checkin for May 9 – One for the Luddites

I’m writing, I’m thinking about writing, and I’m stoking the furnace in order to prepare for more writing. I went to the public library today, where normally I enjoy hanging out, picking books from the shelves like low-hanging fruit, tasting here and there. I was searching out Joanna Skibsrud’s latest volume – short stories – and […]

ROW Checkin for May 6

It feels virtuous to be back behind the keyboard again.  As I write that, I realize I’m mixing a driving metaphor in with the standard typing one – I should be saying, ‘back at the keyboard’ but this past week, or ten days–since it’s been that at least since I last checked in with y’all—someone […]

ROW checkin for April 25

Ah, life happens. I didn’t make my last checkin on Sunday, so here I am, making penance for my misdeeds. That’s a trap I think – venturing too far into the kind of guilt which basically renders a person incapable of moving in any direction for fear of transgressing again. I made a mistake, therefore I […]

ROW80 Checkin for April 18

It’s gratifying to see the posts toting up in the far right corner of my little blogosphere, kind of like watching the goals tote up on the scoreboards during the playoff season (just tonight, Pittsburgh got 10 goals, count ‘em, against Philadelphia). Since I’ve been in confessional mode lately, I admit I’m a hockey-lite fan. […]

Influences, pt. 3

  There you go. Givin’ a fuck when it ain’t your turn to give a fuck. –Det. William “Bunk” Moreland I’m stealing words again, and into the bargain, the sentiments that go along with those words. The above quote and the essential profanity nested within it, is from The Wire, which I hardly needed to […]